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Using Zoom - Basics

For smartphone, tablet, and iPad users you will need to download the app. Then choose Join Meeting and enter the group number and passcode from the email.

For computer users, you should be able to open Zoom and enter the meeting ID and password or just click on the link from the email if you received an email.

Please use your first name only.

Give yourself plenty of time before joining your first group to figure out the technology piece if this is new to you. You can call us if you’d like to do a practice/test meeting first to make sure you’re set up correctly.

Virtual backgrounds are not permitted.

Once you have joined – if you can hear us but we can’t hear you, follow this link for troubleshooting and start at “Troubleshooting Microphone Issues” 


*Participating in Zoom sessions for both individual and group appointments:


Please treat these appointments as if they were in-person sessions. This includes being dressed appropriately, not smoking, and other considerations that would be appropriate to participating in therapy. Find a quiet space where you will not be distracted and get situated (walking around will impact the ability of the system to keep up with you and can decrease the quality of the connection). Headphones are recommended, especially when participating in a group, so as to further protect the privacy of others. For groups – if another person is heard or visually observed at your location, you will be booted from the session and may not be able to rejoin. This is to ensure the highest level of privacy for our clients.


Troubleshoot Zoom audio Issues with on mobile devices .  Click Here.

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