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Family Connections

The Family Connections Program is aimed at decreasing maternal substance use and increasing parent-child attachment in pregnant and new mothers, thereby reducing the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that are often the result of being born into and growing up in a family with a parent(s) struggling with substance use disorders.


The program consists of:

  • Substance abuse counseling groups

  • Individual counseling for moms and newborns

  • Mother-baby experiential bonding groups

Also available:

  • Couples and family counseling

  • Support group for dads

  • Case managers assigned to each family

  • Parenting classes

  • Parenting mentors for interested families


The goal of Family Connections is to increase the family’s chances of having their children remain in their care as well as having healthier relationships within the family. Parents will receive a solid foundation for long term recovery and healthy parenting skills. The children involved will be more likely to be born free of the effects of their mother’s drug use and into healthier families.

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