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Groups We Offer

Substance Use Level 2 (Adults)

The Level II substance use treatment groups meet 3 times a week for 3 hours each. They are combination education/process groups based on the evidence-based Living in Balance curriculum. Group curriculum includes relapse prevention, codependency, family dynamics, healthy ways to deal with stress, and self-esteem.


Substance Use Level 1 (Adults)

The Level I substance use treatment group meets once a week for 2 hours. It is an ongoing group offered to individuals who have successfully completed a higher level of care and to those who, at assessment, meet criteria for Level I services. This group is based on the evidence-based Living in Balance curriculum.


Relapse Prevention Group (Adults)

This group provides tools to prevent and deal with relapse as well as an opportunity to process experiences with triggers. Although it is part of the Level II program, most individuals will be encouraged to attend this ongoing group, regardless of their level of care. It is a great place to get support in handling the daily challenges encountered in early recovery.


Achieving Balance (Adults)

Achieving Balance: Exploring the Intersection between Substance Use and Mental Health is a group integrating the needs of individuals experiencing co-occurring substance use and mental health issues. It uses psychoeducation and process focusing on psychiatric and substance use disorder education; coping skills to manage substance use and mental health symptoms,; relapse prevention plans; and the creation of healthy relationships to promote an increased support system of individuals experiencing similar struggles and symptoms.  


Adolescent Groups

Our adolescent groups function as a safe place for teenagers to be themselves, be heard, and connect with peers who are also facing the challenge of substance use and the transition toward adulthood. Groups compassionately address drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention, identification of triggers, drug education, and healthy coping skills. Another group, for adolescents meeting criteria for Level 2.1 treatment, helps members identify adaptive strategies to cope with a mental health diagnosis, symptoms, or other related experiences to minimize the potential for relapse. These groups satisfy Minor in Possession charge treatment requirements.


Moving On Group

This evidence-based group, offered in conjunction with Jackson County Criminal Justice, is designed especially for women on probation. The four content areas of this combination education/process group are: encouraging personal responsibility and enhancing motivation for change; expanding connections and building healthy relationships; skill enhancement, development, and maintenance; and relaxation and stress management skills. Group members attend a Seeking Safety Group concurrently.


Family Connections Program

This program provides substance use treatment and experiential mom-baby bonding groups as well as a dad’s support group and parenting classes for pregnant and new moms.


Beyond Trauma

This evidence-based group is designed for individuals with both a trauma history and substance abuse issues. It provides tools for stabilization, emotional management, healthy boundaries, grief and loss, and reconnection with self/community. Members gain support in meeting their hierarchy of needs, preparing them to lead more productive lives.


DUII Education

This group meets Oregon requirements for Drug and Alcohol Information Programs. Members in this group learn about Oregon law and receive information regarding substance use disorders.


The Gathering    (Paused until in-person)

The Gathering is a purely experiential group for folks who don’t typically like group settings. Through a wide variety of activities, such as painting, drawing, music, and writing, this group explores members are impacted by substance use. This is a great group for anyone struggling with the emotions, thoughts, and situations that may arise on the path to recovery.



This experiential group provides the opportunity for individuals to learn how to use mindfulness techniques to support their recovery.


Parenting Classes

This basic Parenting Enhancement group deals with self-esteem, anger management, emotional literacy, child development, gender differences, parenting styles, and parenting techniques. The goal of this class is the enhancement of solid parent-child interactions.

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